A practical guide combining in-depth knowledge of wilderness exploration and wild animal behavior with detailed information on preparation for large and small expeditions. World-renowned explorer and wilderness guide, Peter Byrne, combines his in-depth knowledge of wilderness exploration and wild animal behavior to produce this unique, practical guide. Focusing on what he considers to be the last three great, unsolved mysteries (the sasquatch or bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest of North America; the yeti or abominable snowmen, of the Himalaya; and the prehistoric monsters of Loch Ness in Scotland) he shares with his readers his decades of experience searching for definitive proof of their existence. But the heart of this book is the wealth of detailed information the author provides on planning large or small expeditions into remote areas, including habitat, pinpointing search areas, obtaining permits and permissions, what staff is needed, travel logistics, general and essential equipment and food, safety tips, and what to do if/when contact is made with the creature. Whether you are a general researcher with an interest in exploring the wilderness or a dedicated monster hunter, this book is both an interesting read and an essential reference. The book is full color throughout and includes many never-before published photographs.

The Monster Trilogy Guidebook: How to Find Bigfoot, Yeti & the Loch Ness Monster