Noted biologist David Hancock shares over 50 years of experience observing the bald eagle of the Pacific Northwest -- chronicling their rise back from the edge of extinction and illustrating the book with over a hundred wonderful photos. David Hancock has been fascinated by the magnificent bald eagle for over 50 years. This title conveys the enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and respect for nature that could only come from a writer who has dedicated his life to wildlife biology and conservation. Personal anecdotes - such as the author's often humorous adventures as a young graduate student traveling the west coast to study eagles - enliven the narrative. Chapters on the biology of the bald eagle and a summary of how they bounced back from the edge of extinction in the continental US share David Hancock's extensive understanding and appreciation of this majestic bird. As well, there is a look at some of the best eagle viewing areas and festivals on the northwest coast with recommendations and observations from the author.

The Bald Eagle of Alaska, BC and Washington