A complete reference on sasquatch in BC, from fossilized footprints and petroglyphs to modern-day sightings and current scientific research. The most comprehensive work on the history of sasquatch in BC, this book includes the earliest fossilized indications of the existence of the creature, every documented sighting and experience, along with complete outlines of research undertaken by both pioneers in the field and modern-day scientists. Historical photos and a 32-page color section. A great reference and also a fascinating read.

Early reports in British Columbia were the first to call attention to the possible existence of sasquatch, and such reports have persisted for over two hundred years. This work covers the earliest history of the province to the present day, and draws upon the findings of all major sasquatch researchers in British Columbia and information reported in the press and other media. It also includes important sasquatch-related events that involved BC researchers and their quest to resolve the phenomenon. Several of the great pioneers in the field of sasquatch studies have now passed away. Who they were and their legacy have been provided as both a tribute and a historical reference. This work is intended to be a major reference for the history of the sasquatch in British Columbia. However, it is also a fascinating read for those simply interested in the subject.

Sasquatch in British Columbia: A Chronology of Incidents & Important Events