47″ Didgeridoo. Tuned to the key of D. Permanent silicone mouthpiece. Super easy to play. Perfect for a beginner or intermediate player. Designed with thicker walls to produce a crisp clean tone.  Fun and easy, great for ages 6 – 100!

  • Your first Didgeridoo should sound excellent, play easily, and be super durable. We have over 10 years of experience playing and making Didgeridoos and can say with confidence that this is the best beginner Didgeridoo out there!
  • The internal bore is 1 3/8″, we custom extrude this size to create optimal backpressure. This makes learning circular breathing and playing rhythms much easier. It comes with a no fuss silicone mouthpiece. Soft and comfortable, this mouthpiece is the perfect shape and size to learn with. It creates a good airtight seal for playing. Infused with natural oils for a light pleasing smell.
  • Brand new instrument – ready to play out of the box. Includes: didgeridoo, cloth bag, instruction DVD, and instruction booklet.  Our 2 hour long jam packed DVD has many in depth didgeridoo exercises and playing methods.